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the one necessary book of poetry for every home and library this long awaited indispensable volume contains more than 1600 poems drawn from dozens of languages and cultures and spans a period of more than 4000 years from ancient sumer and egypt to the late twentieth century, paul verlaine poetry in translation - verlaine selected poetry in translation resignation po mes saturniens m lancholia i as a child i dreamt of the koh i noor persian and papal richness sumptuous heliogabalus sardanapalus, dark poetry the best poems about death pain loss grief - the hypertexts dark poetry the best poems about death pain loss grief sadness madness depression and despair which poets wrote the best sad dark melancholy poems in the english language, the most beautiful poems in the english language - the hypertexts the most beautiful poems in the english language which poets wrote the most beautiful poems in the english language in one person s opinion these are the most beautiful poems of all time the most beautiful poems ever written the utterly transcendent masterpieces, january winter season quotations poetry folklore - ice on the earth bitter black frost and a winding sheet of snow upon her withered breast and deep within me dread and ice jessica macbeth winter poems long yellow rushes bending, walkabout by james vance marshall goodreads - walkabout was the very first book i was ever assigned for school i remember very little of the discussions my class had about the book but vividly recall almost every page of the book itself, charlotte mason homeschool series - vol 6 pg 1 a philosophy of education book 1 introduction these are anxious days for all who are engaged in education we rejoiced in the fortitude valour and devotion shown by our men in the war and recognize that these things are due to the schools as well as to the fact that england still breeds very valiant creatures, fifty orwell essays project gutenberg australia - the spike it was late afternoon forty nine of us forty eight men and one woman lay on the green waiting for the spike to open we were too tired to talk much, authors author s night - on an early morning in november a couple boards a private plane bound for geneva flying into a storm soon after it simply drops off the radar and its wreckage is later uncovered in the alps, incarnate newsoul 1 by jodi meadows goodreads - new soul ana is new for thousands of years in range a million souls have been reincarnated over and over keeping their memories and experiences from previous lifetimes, the 50 best romantic getaways travel leisure - urban retreat from uptown s bustling avenues to the quiet cobblestoned streets of downtown new york city is a study in contrasts the greatest challenge is deciding where to stay with its, at the mountains of madness project gutenberg australia - at the mountains of madness is a novella written in february march 1931 and originally serialized in the february march and april 1936 issues of astounding stories the story is written in first person perspective by the geologist william dyer a professor at miskatonic university, petrarch poetry in translation - 1 voi ch ascoltate in rime sparse il suono you who hear the sound in scattered rhymes of those sighs on which i fed my heart in my first vagrant youthfulness when i was partly other than i am, richard brautigan tokyo montana express - background first published in 1980 special targ edition published 1979 the tokyo montana express was brautigan s ninth published novel dedication for richard and nancy hodge the hodges were friends of brautigan s in san francisco, charlotte mason homeschool series - preface to the home education series the educational outlook is rather misty and depressing both at home and abroad that science should be a staple of education that the teaching of latin of modern languages of mathematics must be reformed that nature and handicrafts should be pressed into service for the training of the eye and hand that boys and girls must learn to write english, great sermons on the death of christ compiled by wilbur - 18 the lamb and the book revelation 5 9 213 w m clow preface the title of this third volume in the series of great sermons is really what might be thought of as a contradiction for the death of our lord is such a profound subject which carries us into the very counsels of the triune god an event that has such a vast universal significance that no sermon on any aspect of the, the innocents abroad jewishvirtuallibrary org - at which time helena came and built a church upon calvary to commemorate the death and burial of the lord and preserve the sacred place in the memories of men since that time there has always been a church there