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amazon com customer reviews modern japanese swords and - find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for modern japanese swords and swordsmiths from 1868 to the present at amazon com read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users, modern japanese swords the beginning of the gendaito era - the modern era of japanese swords began with the meiji restoration in 1868 the demand for new swords fell drastically and by 1876 there was almost no work for most sword smiths, japanese sword mountings wikipedia - japanese sword mountings are the various housings and associated fittings that hold the blade of a japanese sword when it is being worn or stored koshirae refers to the ornate mountings of a japanese sword e g katana used when the sword blade is being worn by its owner whereas the shirasaya is a plain undecorated wooden mounting composed of a saya and tsuka that the sword blade, is your spyderco knife stamped seki city japan - support bladeforums paid memberships don t see ads great report simona there are additional knifemakers not listed but at one time there were a lot more knifemakers in seki, japanese swords asian arts japanese sword katana - nihonto samurai sword nr z 13 this is an antique japanese samurai sword this wakizashi is signed and dated signed by father and son sadahiro and kunitsugu and dated 1710 with nbthk tokubetsu hozon papers sadahiro kunitsugu from settsu osaka made this sword in 1710 sadahiro had an age at that time by 78 this signed and dated shinto wakizashi was made in order for takayanagi, katana not good zombie weapon zombie research society - if i had a dollar for every time someone declared a katana to be the ultimate zombie weapon i d be rich by now but what actually is a katana and how much help will it be in staying alive in an undead world contrary to popular belief the term katana in japanese was originally applied to any, markus sesko translation and research services for - please note apart from swordsmiths this list in work in progress and will be updated as soon as more detailed information is located to the very left the year the rank was granted is listed, katanas are just better tv tropes - in the manga katana though the protagonist is descended from a long line of japanese swordsmiths and can see the spirit of any sword he doesn t want anything to do with them later it s played straight when he s introduced to a collector of japanese swords and the strongest sword spirit is a katana zoids generations has liger blue souga a lion mecha that wields a katana with its mouth, aluminum christmas trees tv tropes - some fans of barry humphries character dame edna everage have been surprised to learn that her home town the 50 s middle suburban dream moonee ponds is a real suburb of melbourne in australia