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what is india s caste system bbc news - the caste system divides hindus into four main categories brahmins kshatriyas vaishyas and the shudras many believe that the groups originated from brahma the hindu god of creation, history of the caste system in india thoughtco - the origins of the caste system in india and nepal are shrouded but it seems to have originated more than two thousand years ago under this system which is associated with hinduism people were categorized by their occupations although originally caste depended upon a person s work it soon became hereditary, caste system in india wikipedia - the caste system in india is the paradigmatic ethnographic example of caste it has origins in ancient india and was transformed by various ruling elites in medieval early modern and modern india especially the mughal empire and the british raj it is today the basis of educational and job reservations in india, india s caste system dummies - what s the caste system broadly speaking a caste system is a process of placing people in occupational groups it has pervaded several aspects of indian society for centuries rooted in religion and based on a division of labor the caste system among other things dictates the type of occupations a person can pursue and the social interactions that she may have castes are an aspect of hindu religion, the indian caste system facts a1facts - indian caste system this leads to the members of one caste to exploit the members of other caste for their own interest in the name of superiority or inferiority and is loyalty to caste translated into politics it is a dominating blind group loyalty that ignores the healthy social standards of justice equality and universal brotherhood, the caste system of india worldatlas com - in modern times the indian caste system has become more structured and a host of different subgroups called jati have arisen many outside observers consider the caste system a relic of the past and are confident that in modern india the caste system no longer works in fact it is just opposite, the indian caste system explained the not so innocents - it acknowledges and justifies the caste system as the basis of order and regularity of society this social stratification might go back even further than that according to the logical indian the site states that the first mention was called the varna system and was in the rig veda an ancient indian hymnal believed to have been written between 1500 and 800 bce, india and the caste system flashcards quizlet - nehru was led india for 17 years after independence nehru s vision for india was to make it a secular casteless and modern industrial nation indira gandhi was nehru s daughter became prime minister in 1966 but was assasinated by 2 of her sikh bodyguards at the golden temple, the caste system of india swindia us - the caste system in india is an important part of ancient hindu tradition and dates back to 1200 bce the term caste was first used by portuguese travelers who came to india in the 16th century caste comes from the spanish and portuguese word casta which means race breed or lineage, the caste system ushistory org - if a hindu person were asked to explain the nature of the caste system he or she might start to tell the story of brahma the four headed four handed deity worshipped as the creator of the universe, what is the indian caste system does it still exist today - untouchable woman of bombay mumbai according to the indian caste system in 1942 this was india s system of social hierarchy at its root it was a system referred to in hindu scriptures that aimed to classify people based on their nature aptitude and conduct and put them to work in functions that suited their classification, history of the indian caste system and its impact on india - the indian caste system is historically one of the main dimensions where people in india are socially differentiated through class religion region tribe gender and language