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star trek new frontier wikipedia - star trek new frontier is a series of interlinked novels written by peter david published by pocket books 1997 to 2015 new frontier is the first star trek tie in fiction property not to be based on a television series the series was created by john j ordover 332 the novels explore life aboard the uss excalibur commanded by capt mackenzie calhoun, comparison of star trek and star wars wikipedia - star trek and star wars are american media franchises which present alternative scenarios of space adventure the two franchises are dominant in this setting of storytelling and have offered various forms of media productions for decades that manage billions of dollars of intellectual property providing employment and entertainment for billions of people around the world, before star trek beyond how gene roddenberry got time - but star trek was always more than just a sci fi nerd s love object the series was born in the midst of the turbulent 1960s and its outer space adventures often reflected and commented on the, dominic frontiere the outer limits amazon com music - when gnp crescendo and neil norman productions originally released their outer limits soundtrack about 20 years ago now they promised it would be the first of a trilogy of cds, jeff allender s house of checklists all lists - how to use this page this is a one page list of all the checklists in the database in alphabetical order initial the and a and an are ignored and entries for real people are listed by last name for example look for the x files with the letter x greg hildebrandt and james dean real people under h and d respectively exceptions are made for folks who are known mostly by, atomic rockets seal of approval projectrho com - man conquers space is david sander s project to make a pseudo documentary movie about the history of space flight if things had happened as predicted by colliers absolutely brilliant the trailer will take your breath away and if you dreamed about those ferry rockets when you were a child in the mid 1960 s the trailer may bring a wistful tear to your eye, official playstation store us home of playstation games - tom clancy s rainbow six siege ultimate edition bundle ps4, guests professionals and performers by announcement date - announced 02 07 2019 jason bulmahn jason bulmahn is the director of game design at paizo inc he was the creator of the pathfinder tabletop roleplaying game and the team leader behind the second edition over his 20 year career jason has written dozens of books and articles for paizo wizards of the coast modiphius and more, if you like this page of ultimate science fiction web guide - definitions of science fiction and what do we even mean by science fiction anyway in one sense the first article to define the field was published over 150 years ago before the field was widely ackonwledged to exist new species of literature we learn that mr r a locke the ingenious author of the late moon story or astronomical hoax is putting on the stocks the frame of a new, authors s page of ultimate science fiction web guide - science fiction fantasy and horror authors with last names begining s over 358 hotlinks 420 pseudonyms and notes without links 778 total links names, the okc edge home - the okc edge giving you the 411 on geek society and pop culture in okc and surrounding areas while promoting local artists and musicians, science fiction news spring 2018 - spring 2018 editorial comment staff stuff editorial comment well that was 2017 and our 30th anniversary year we had a number of celebratory events and took part in the 30th anniversary of the beccon eastercon reunion beccon 87 was the eastercon at which sf concatenation was launched importantly we decided to carry on at least to our one third century mark in three years time, science fiction news autumn 2017 - autumn 2017 television news the new doctor who is to be a double xx by now this really is not news even if you only get your sf news seasonally through this site you would have been unlikely to miss out on the bbc s announcement that jodie whittaker is to be the new doctor, it s about tv - while i m at it this is a good time to remind you that if you like this presentation and appreciate the material i bring you each week on it s about tv you can find more of it in my book the electronic mirror what classic tv tells us about who we were and who we are and everything in between available at amazon com bn com and other online dealers, updates back to the front door - 25 000 individual programs available including episodic tv shows specials and short format and feature length films there are now search engines like the one above installed on the front door page and the main library page to make finding your favorite shows easier below is a running tally of my changes to the site since i created this update page on november 26 2010, new york city wikitravel - new york city is a center for media culture food fashion art research finance and trade it has one of the largest and most famous skylines on earth dominated by the iconic empire state building, star citizen sar possibile giocare gratuitamente all - la notizia far felici chi vuole provare star citizen uno dei videogiochi pi ambiziosi di sempre dualshockers riporta che possibile giocare gratuitamente all alpha del titolo fantascientifico ideato da chris roberts fino al 30 ottobre tutto quello che dovete fare per cimentarvi fino a fine mese nel simulatore spaziale che ha raccolto qualcosa come quasi 130 milioni di dollari 129