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5 internet annoyances that are way older than the internet - technology advances in a blur a lot of us can t remember what life was like before smartphones let alone the internet as a result we have a tendency to think that all of the annoyances that came with the internet are also brand new to humanity, how to tell if your phone or tablet has a virus komando com - long before ransomware and large scale hacks became everyday problems viruses were crawling into our desktops and infecting our screens these days smartph, how to solve 10 of the most annoying netflix problems - netflix is the best video streaming service around but it s not without its faults some people might even be avoiding subscribing to netflix because of its little annoyances but actually there are ways to fix the small niggling issues most people have the same complaints about netflix which, easily fix these common windows 8 1 frustrations - windows 8 1 can be frustrating not just because of how different it is we re talking about blurry text laggy mouse pointers touchpad issues and secureboot problems typical windows annoyances here s how to fix them, download svchost file win 10 2017 fix 5 star rating - download svchost file win 10 fix clean download svchost file win 10 and optimize pc speed up your pc free scan now recommended scan internet explorer for errors, computer errors windows 10 fix 100 free windows - computer errors windows 10 fix fix error repair computer errors windows 10 fix speed up your pc in 3 mins clean my pc in windows 10 paretologic, pc tune up fix error code 2018 free scan auslogics pc mag - pc tune up fix error code boost pc speed in 3 easy steps pc tune up fix error code free download 100 guaranteed auslogics pc mag windows 10 registry, fix runtime error 372 100 free how to speed - fix runtime error 372 fix error repair fix runtime error 372 speed up your pc in 3 mins how to speed computer windows 7 error code kb3035583, topic gaming articles on engadget - blizzard s original concept for its esports league will become a reality in 2020, ask leo full archive by category - click on any category header for more details about the articles in that category administration ask leo list break in ask leo stickers ask leo, google updater the new installer for google software - an unofficial blog that watches google s attempts to move your operating system online since 2005 not affiliated with google send your tips to gostips gmail com, how to overcome hotel wifi problems life begins with travel - when it s just painfully slow possibly the most frustrating of all the hotel wifi problems you ll face sometimes hotels hostels b bs and guest houses are just very busy places with lots of guests trying to get online at the same time, professional lorem ipsum generator for typographers - lorem ipsum quality typographic filler text for webmasters the dummy copy at this site is made from a dictionary of 500 words from cicero s original source and the text fragments traditionally added, why windows takes so long to start up remote - most of us have had a brand new computer at one time it s a great feeling you boot up windows and within 30 seconds you are surfing the net checking your email or playing your favorite game 10 months down the road things aren t so nice anymore, the best email client for windows 10 unbiased reviews 2018 - in a world awash with instant text messaging apps it s easy to forget that email is an even more popular method of communication an estimated 269 billion emails were sent in 2017 and that number is going to keep rising to an estimated 320 billion by 2021, which version of dark souls should i play patientgamers - my biggest complaint with the se is simply that it isn t backwards compatible with like 99 of mods and most modders just never bothered porting their mods over to the se because honestly what s the point, clickfunnels review 2019 my personal journey with sales - sales funnels by creating a well designed sales funnel you can dramatically increase your sales and provide more value to your customers in todays post i m going to introduce you to clickfunnels the software i m using to build sales funnels for my business you don t need any technical know how to use it and it will really change the way you run your business, home mort s ramblings - i have relatively recently started switching all my online account over to using a password system where all my passwords are over 20 characters and the password is different for each and every account, firefox customizations notes mvps org - use icons without text on most toolbars new tab button comes with firefox but is enhanced with drag and drop extension which has been built in since firefox 1 5 you could use ctrl click on a link instead of drag and drop