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history of the atom worksheet review sheet - history of the atom worksheet review sheet name answer key period 1 state 2 similarities between dalton s and the modern day model of the atom 1 spherical in shape 2 small size 2 state the most important difference between dalton s and thomson s model of the atom, evolution of the atom key quia - history of the atom summary sheet answer key scientist summary about theory reasons for it s failure this theory explains the law of constant composition atoms combine to form molecules in a fixed ratio in a given chemical reaction, history of the atom worksheet and answer key 1 history - view homework help history of the atom worksheet and answer key 1 from chem 1200 at university of north carolina charlotte history of the atom directions fill in the blanks on the right with, the history of the atom socorro independent school district - statement saying that this negative charge must be inside an atom this negative charge he called corpuscles later became known as the electron thomson s atomic model using what he had discovered thomson predicted what an atom should look like these are the key points to thomson s atomic model 1, the history of the atom answer key essay 769 words - the history of the atom hypothesis according to aristotle 350 bc all matter consists of the elements earth air fire and water experiment a tree grows from the earth as water is added, chapter 3 the atom read pgs 107 110 history - atom loses its characteristic properties as a result ii the structure of the atom a discovery of the electron by thomson in 1897 pgs 109 110 for background info robert millikan oil drop experiment in 1909 found that the mass of an e is very small compared to the mass of the whole atom, history of the atom national center for case study - in this clicker case students are guided through the history of atomic structure and in the spirit of discovery learning use data from historical experiments to discern the different models of the atom