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dynamic earth study guide flashcards quizlet - dynamic earth study guide this study guide is all about layers of the earth earthquake volcanoes etc study play how old is the earth 4 6 billion years old how do kettle holes form it is a shallow sediment filled body of water formed by retreating glaciers or draining flood waters, the dynamic earth study guide flashcards quizlet - start studying the dynamic earth study guide learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools, dynamic earth notes and study guide mrs gaffney science - dynamic earth study guide what is the theory of continental drift continents were once close together but drifted apart over time who first came up with the theory of continental drift, science fusion the dynamic earth study guide xi3 com - science fusion the dynamic earth study guide earth is a 24 minute immersive fulldome documentary that explores the inner workings of earth s climate system, dynamic earth study guide exam 1 course hero - exam 1 study guide geo sci 105 dynamic earth study guide for exam 1 2011 review session tuesday october 11 2011 morrill ii room 131 5 45 pm exam thursday october 13 2011 in class structure of the earth lecture 1 what is the internal structure of the earth inner core outer core hot plastic mantle asthenosphere rigid mantle continental crust oceanic crust how thick is, chapter 3 the dynamic earth study guide - chapter 3 the dynamic earth parts of the earth s system geosphere atmosphere hydrosphere biosphere what are tectonic plates and how do they move, dynamic earth study guide earth and environmental - explains the occurrence of earthquakes as a sudden release of strain progressively stored in rocks that bend until they finally break and move along a fault releasing the stored elastic energy assumes brittle behavior of rocks, dynamic earth exam 2 study guide coursehero com - geo 105 exam 2 study guide 2011 this exam will be concerned entirely with faults and earthquakes as with the first exam there will be five major questions 20 points each each containing multiple sub questions historical perspective 1 be familiar with the contributions of the following people mallet milne mercalli reid richter to the study of earthquakes and seismology, exam study guide dynamic earth georgiou studyblue - the outer liquid metal core which is very hot generates convective currents that move several kilometers per hour and generate electric currents which in turn generate magnetic currents