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how adam smith would fix capitalism financial times - for many on the right of politics the author of the wealth of nations is a founding figure of the modern era the greatest of all economists an eloquent advocate of laissez faire free markets, revolution politics britannica com - revolution revolution in social and political science a major sudden and hence typically violent alteration in government and in related associations and structures the term is used by analogy in such expressions as the industrial revolution where it refers to a radical and profound change in economic, libertarianism definition doctrines history facts - libertarianism political philosophy that takes individual liberty to be the primary political value it may be understood as a form of liberalism the political philosophy associated with the english philosophers john locke and john stuart mill the scottish economist adam smith and the american statesman thomas jefferson liberalism seeks to define and justify the legitimate powers of, the reclusive hedge fund tycoon behind the trump - the reclusive hedge fund tycoon behind the trump presidency how robert mercer exploited america s populist insurgency, 5 ways to turn a liberal into a conservative at least - what all of this suggests is a pretty stunning conclusion maybe we ve been thinking about political ideology in very much the wrong way it seems to be at least partly rooted in things deeper, democrats and republicans switched platforms fact myth - fact the two major u s parties now called democrats and republicans went through many changes in american history as support from geographic locations party leaders political factions stances on key voter issues and platform planks switched between the two major parties and third parties throughout the different party systems, cliff kincaid column renewamerica - republicans picked up a few seats in the senate only because unpopular democrats were up for re election in conservative states while democrats could win 40, what is debt an interview with economic anthropologist - david graeber currently holds the position of reader in social anthropology at goldsmiths university london prior to this he was an associate professor of anthropology at yale university he is the author of debt the first 5 000 years which is available from amazon interview conducted by philip pilkington a journalist and writer based in dublin ireland, people and ideas systems andrew roberts - people and ideas systems as outlined by andrew roberts of middlesex university london introductory sketches of the ideas of theorists linked to andrew roberts book social science history and the society and science history timeline developed from a course document outline of the theorists we could cover february 1994 the web page was created offline before 6 3 1999