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the world is flat 3 0 thomas l friedman - a brief history of the twenty first century a new edition of the 1 bestseller one mark of a great book is that it makes you see things in a new way and mr friedman certainly succeeds in that goal the nobel laureate joseph e stiglitz wrote in the new york times reviewing the world is flat in 2005 in this new edition thomas l friedman includes fresh stories and insights to help us, books by thomas l friedman thomas l friedman - hot flat and crowded why we need a green revolution and how it can renew america published by farrar straus giroux hardcover september 2008, thomas l friedman the world is flat globalization - about the world is flat a brief history of the twenty first century by thomas l friedman a book about globalization and how the competitive playing field between industrial and emerging market countries is leveling, the world is flat summary supersummary - supersummary a modern alternative to sparknotes and cliffsnotes offers high quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes characters quotes and essay topics this one page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of the world is flat by thomas l friedman the world is flat a brief history of the twenty first century is a 2005 non, history of the world wikipedia - 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